The fun filled weekend for end of school year campers ends in terror when they learn of mysterious deaths in the next camp area.

The US Review of books for The Hand

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The review was good, thereby qualifying me for the Gold Seal of Literary Excellence.

Some of the benefits that come with this recognition includes:

  • Premium Review Service from the US Review of Books (plus submission to the Eric Hoffer Awards)
  • The opportunity to have Trafford’s Gold Seal of Literary Excellence stamped on your cover once you get a positive review. You can also use the Gold Seal on other marketing platforms like your book’s website
  • Booksellers Return Program for 2 years
  • A Single Slot Ad in Ingram’s Advance Print Catalog

• Publicity Plan – NetSpeak Edition

One thought on “The US Review of books for The Hand

  1. I just finished reading your book!! I really enjoyed reading!! It needs a part 2. I really enjoyed the part about you talking to the older Native American woman! I remember my grandmother telling me about persons who put roots (as she called it) on her. I love talking to older persons, you can learn about through them! I love the suspense of the whole story! Im gonna see if I can get my son to read it! Scary stuff is right up his alley!!lol!! Maybe you can turn it into a great movie series!


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