The fun filled weekend for end of school year campers ends in terror when they learn of mysterious deaths in the next camp area.

Activity suggestion for sharing The Hand

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I read the book to a group of teens, at a youth ministry event for a local church. The teens had a church sponsored sleepover at a local hotel.  The hotel allow me to read the book in the center section of the Hotel – others in the hotel, stood and sat along the rail to listen to the book.  Afterwards, they asked where to buy the book.

The Teens enjoyed the story.  The big question was “where is the Hand is now?”  All I can say is “You need to contact the Camp Ground with this question.” They are already asking about a sequel.

A suggestion:

Reading a story to a group of 13 year olds and over, is a good way to share a story i.e. teen events, camping, youth ministry, book clubs, etc.

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