The fun filled weekend for end of school year campers ends in terror when they learn of mysterious deaths in the next camp area.

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Good reviews and increased availability

“The Hand” is getting good reviews. It is now available on: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Abebooks, Book Depository, Kobo, Indigo, Alibris, Google Play, IndieBound and Trafford Publishing .

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Please provide your feedback, i am in the process of deciding if a squeal will be written.

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About Hueston Woods State Park (trivia)

The link below (bottom of this post) was shared about the area close to where the hand incident took place.

Hueston Woods was named after Matthew Hueston who was awarded the land for his military services. He & his family preserved more than 200 acres of this forested area. His land was aquired by the state of Ohio in 1947. The land was cleared & the 625 acre lake was constructed by a chain gang of honor status prison inmates,

Rumor has it that these imates were treated very badly & that there may have been deaths as a result. The prison camp now serves as the park administration offices & nature center.

  The Adena Indians (mound biulders) also lived in this area in 500 B.C. – 400 A.D. & built several ceremonial mounds there. after the Adena indians disappeared, the Miami natives settled in & started a trading post & village on what is now park grounds.

  It’s said that if you watch closely, you will see flashing lights that are not fireflies, but may actually be the torches of Chief Little Turtle’s warriors. Rumor has it that the kitchen area & parts of the lodge are also haunted.

For mor information, visit:

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The Hopewell Cemetery

The link below (bottom of blog) was shared about the area close to where the hand incident took place.

Please have respect for not only the owners of the property, but also for any spirits left behind. If walking in a cemetery, please do not walk on the graves. This is considered a true sign of disrespect.

Hopewell Cemetery – 6471 Camden Clloge Corner Rd, College Corner, OH 45003

  Located near a place called Hueston Woods State Park located between Camden & Oxford, Ohio – Hopewell Cemetery is said to be one of the best ghost hunting sites in southern Ohio. It was founded in 1806 by steadfast abolitionists & a leading force in the underground railroad.  The Fairhaven & Morning Sun churches were also part of this.  One of the main UGRR routes went from Cincinnati to Hamilton, then northwest along State Route 177 through Morning Sun, Fairhaven, Richmond IN, then to Fountain City IN where the UGRR founder lived. 
  The Hopewell cemetery was the first public cemetery in Isreal township & consist of over 1,000 graves. It’s known as the second largest burial ground for the Revolutionary War soldiers in Preble County. It’s also the the resting place for members of the Hopewell church who served in the civil war. 
  The cemetery is surrounded by a 19th century dry- laid limesstone fence. It’s said that strange lights can regularly be seen and little ‘surprises’ will be waiting in your car when you return. It is also said to bring bad luck to those who visit during the night. Reports of apparitions in civil war clothing has also been seen & photographed. Some claims have stated that Hueston Woods is haunted as well, especially the kitchen area & parts of the hotel.  No proof has been documented.”

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E-Book version of “The Hand” is now available

The E-Book version of “The Hand” was released yesterday at (click Bookstore: search “The Hand”, author Simmons) After reading the book, post your comments and questions on the blog.  For more information about the author visit